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Oxygen Bar

Check out our latest and greatest attraction. Try out our new oxygen bar. Sit down and relax as you breath in clean, chilled, aroma flavored oxygen. You will feel relaxed and reenergized after you try it.

An Austin Oxygen bar rental is a free-standing bar which people sit or stand at to breathe  over 90% pure oxygen and aromatherapy from a disposable nasal cannula (nose  hose).  These modular bars can service anywhere from one to 6 people  simultaneously and is manned by one bartender/technicians.


The oxygen is not kept under pressure nor is it administered from a tank.  If anyone  offers this service to you in the U.S. they are breaking the law!  Our oxygen is  produced by Oxygen Concentrators which take ambient air and separates the  nitrogen with a molecular filter.  Most of the nitrogen is expelled during this cycle, and the oxygen is concentrated and pushed out of the machine through a tube which is attached to the Aromarizers that are sitting on top of the bar.  It is there that  the bartender/technician controls the flow to the individual bottles that hold the water  and aromas.  In turn the bottles bubble when turned on and oxygen is forced thought  the other opening of the bottle which has another open ended tube on it.  It is there  that the bar patrons connect the nasal cannulas while breathing normally.


Visitors to the bar can choose from 6 different aromas and switch to any aroma at  any given time during their session.  For optimum benefits, a session at the bar  should last from 4 to 6 minutes.  When at a Trade Show or Convention, a 2 to 5  minute session is more desirable in order to keep the flow of people moving.  Bar  patrons can choose from our most popular flavors which are Eucalyptus, Gardenia,  Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon grass, Vanilla, Cherry, Spearmint, Orange, Almond,  Cinnamon and Wintergreen.

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