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Game Show Mania

The new game show will be the what everyone talks about on Monday. A very easy to use electronic game show controller allows for a wide range of games. Corporate Survivor, Millionare, Name That Tune, Jeopardy almost any game you can imagine.

The best part is your party can become a training exercise without anyone knowing it. With questions about the company or the about the industry itself, your employees will learn while having fun. It's great to watch what happens when a contestant should know the answer but can't remember.

Put teams together. Accounting vs Payroll, Productions vs Management, 1st shift vs 2nd shift.

1.  Fun & Entertainment When used for fun and entertainment, questions are usually about TV & movie trivia, music, sports etc. Questions can< also be tailored to any type of event - birthday party, Bar / Bat Mitzvah - even a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. Game Show can even be a combination of  "This Is Your Life" meets "You Don't Know Jack".  What a Party!

2.  Training & Education Studies prove that we best retain what we have learned when we are engaged in the learning process. Say goodbye to boring training meetings and hello to attentive, enthusiastic employees or students. Game Show will inspire your Employees/Students to stay attentive, retain what they've learned, and spark the spirit of competition.

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